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the Female Face of Porto

In the summer of 2019 I was able to go to Porto, Portugal, and do an self-iniated project named the Female Face of Porto. In this project I combined theoretical research with illustrations, I dove into the history of Porto concerning important women who left their mark on the city. I wrote down their stories and converted these into illustrations. In total there are 10 of these. Both the texts and illustrations where combined into a little book. While doing this project I lived as an artist in residence at de Liceiras 18 for two months. My project was exhibited twice while I was still in Porto, and the project got published on the website of InterStruct, a local art collective. I had the best time living in this beautiful city, researching this very interesting topic and getting to know a lot of new people.

canvas1 copy.jpg

Swordfish and Friend

This drawing I made on the cash desk of swordfish and friend, a shop in Utrecht specialized in vinyl and illustration prints. The design choice is quite simple, a girl with sword earrings and fish hair.

Visual Notes

I've made these illustrated recaps during readings about some really interesting topics. The first three are about the

different ways a historical house or monument can present itself to the public. Do they keep it historically accurate,

or do they show the audience what they want to see. For example, letting girls dress up as princesses in an old castle, even though there never lived any princess there. Is this wrong or the only way to hold the public interest? These readings took place in the gorgeous and gigantic castle de Haar. The last visual note is about an radical retelling of Nietzsche's vision. In the book 'blijf de aarde trouw', Henk Manschot let the readers have a look into the nature loving side of Nietzsche, and his worries about how we treat our planet.

Reis Relikwieën

This little book I made was focused on image rhyme and translates as Journey Relics. It's about my interrail experience with my friends last summer. We found a couple of items and treated them as if they were relics because they reminded us of the places we have been and the things we did. On the left pages there's the item depicted as a relic and on the right page is the story of where and how we found it.

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